Kim Etherington

EMDR, Psychotherapy and Research Consultancy

Narrative Approaches to Working with Adult Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Narrative Approaches to Working with Adult Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Presents first-hand accounts from two male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and from the counsellor who worked with them. The two brothers suffered severe sexual abuse from their father and were each unaware of the other's ordeal.

The author describes the counsellor's perspective, and draws out the implications for counselling practice. She discusses the client-counsellor relationship, the techniques and approaches she used and makes links with her other work.

Unsolicited Reviews

  • "I am contacting you both to thank and to congratulate you for your book 'Narrative Approaches to Working with Adult Male Survivors'. I am a qualified counsellor who works in a prison counselling male survivors of sexual abuse. Your book has supported, helped and stimulated me in my work with inmates, as well as giving me ideas and food for thought in many areas. There certainly was a dearth of good material in the field which your book has gone a long way to correct."

  • "What an important book and how could I have waited so long to read it! I ordered your book thro' the library and, within minutes of sitting down to read some sections, realised I'd better cancel the rest of the evening's arrangements. It's not just that it will help me a great deal in counselling some clients, but also your clarity about the dual relationship as a researcher with former clients is extraordinarily timely for me. I've been struggling with the whole business of case study and 'whose story is it' and 'why not write a novel instead?'. From what I've seen so far, you've done both/and in this book, not either/or - and with such honesty. Thank you very much for telling your story as well as giving Mike and Stephen a way of telling theirs."