Kim Etherington

EMDR, Psychotherapy and Research Consultancy

Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health

Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health


Individuals experiencing rehabilitation are subject to profound life adjustments, and the contributors to this study explore how the relationship between counsellor and client can be a source of support during that time.

Describing pioneering initiatives in a range of rehabilitation settings, the authors draw out the historical background and theoretical implications of their work, and make recommendations for good practice.

Rehabilitation experiences in both physical and psychological health are described, including those of survivors of strokes, problematic drug or alcohol users, people who have sustained hearing loss or head injury and those affected by chronic bowel disorder and multiple sclerosis. Contributors describe the work they are undertaking in NHS rehabilitation settings such as a head injury unit and a post-operative rehabilitation counselling service.

Other contributions include a chapter from the perspective of a counsellor within a voluntary organization, the Bristol Area Stroke Foundation, a counsellor working with clients undergoing community rehabilitation.

Several chapters are written from the client's perspective by authors who have themselves received counselling as part of their programme of rehabilitation.