Kim Etherington

EMDR, Psychotherapy and Research Consultancy

Becoming a Reflexive Researcher: Using Our Selves in Research

Becoming a Reflexive Researcher: Using Our Selves in Research

Is it really possible for researchers to keep their own lives out of their work? In contrast to traditional impersonal approaches to research, reflexive researchers acknowledge the impact of their own experiences, beliefs and culture on the processes and outcomes of inquiry.

In this thought-provoking book, Kim Etherington uses a range of narratives, including her own research diary and conversations with students, to show the reader how reflexive research works in practice.

Drawing on her own personal journey as a researcher, she suggests that recognising the role of the self in research can open up opportunities for creative and personal transformations. She explores the ways in which reflexivity can be used in counselling and psychotherapy, and argues that it is vital in empowering the client to be an agent in his or her own life.

This book will encourage counsellors and therapists to reflect on how their self-awareness can enrich their relationships with clients, while students and academics across a wide range of disciplines will find it challenges and inspires their methods of working.

Formal Reviews

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Unsolicited Reviews

  • "I found the reflexive narratives about different stages of reflexive research (including your own) very interesting, and I liked the way you interweaved the different sorts of voices and analysis represented in the book. I thought the way some of the transcripts were set as poetry was thought-provoking and original, and offered readers a genuinely different way of viewing and thinking about what people say. I feel that your book should open the way for discussion and reflexivity among researchers in counselling and other fields. It reads to me as a key text stating the importance of reflexive methodology in this area and really quite a magnum opus!"

  • "It's breathtaking! I haven't read it all, yet, but I find it really exciting to read. It really engages me, makes me curious and I want to know more. You make theory come to life and also it's of huge practical use to me."